Muna's story

I am so happy to welcome you to my online store, Mùna Collection! Where to start ? I realized one of my biggest projects, namely the creation of my own company!
After months of thinking, hesitating and deciding, I finally took the plunge! It all started with ideas, then others, just a draft notebook and a pen, and it was on March 20, 2023 that the process began. Mùna is the origin of my initials, I wanted to build this project from my personality, my choices, my tastes, and my character. I never thought of myself as a fashionista, but more of a person who gives attitude to clothes.
I've always favored comfort over aesthetics, and I like pieces that make a difference. Fashion is for me a representation of a way of life.
They say all good things come with time. Are you ready to follow me in this new adventure?
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Snapchat: So.dounee